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Leicestershire Leaders is a collaborative of headteachers and system leaders across Leicestershire and Leicester City designed to provide additional support and training opportunities for new and existing headteachers and to signpost those provided by existing organisations.

We aim to provide opportunities and networking to those in a highly accountable, challenging and possibly isolated role, to collaboratively improve the experiences of pupils and staff across Leicestershire by helping to support and enable the performance and well-being of Leicestershire Leaders.

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Six dedicated best practice workshops based on priorities identified by current serving Leicestershire primary and secondary headteachers, to run from June 2019, open to all current and newly appointed headteachers across the local area. Sharing best practice from current heads, MAT and Teaching School leaders and relevant local authority and other public service expertise.

This web portal, funded by the Leicestershire Education Excellence Partnership (LEEP), is currently being developed to signpost all useful and relevant training and support opportunities for current and new headteachers across Leicestershire and the local area.

Workshops are £25 per session or £95 for all six sessions

Book your place by contacting Jo Robotham on 01455 283263 x222 / or email leicestershireleader@thomasestley.org.uk


Time: 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Date: NEW DATE March 12 2020

£25 per session

at a South Leicestershire venue ; TELA @Thomas Estley Community College


Time: 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Date: March 19 2020 date tbc

£25 per session

at a Leicester venue to be confirmed


Time: 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Date: June 2020

£25 per session

at a South Leicestershire venue to be confirmed

One of the most challenging parts of managing staff is initiating conversations around sensitive topics. School Leaders who avoid difficult conversations risk undermining their own position and potentially losing credibility with staff.  Therefore, being able to tackle contentious issues and deal with the inevitable ‘curve ball’ in a balanced, calm and consistent way is a valuable skill in all areas of working life. In a workplace context these skills can help promote productive and engaged teams and a better managed workforce. This interactive workshop will address ways in which you can approach complex cases and provide an opportunity for us to offer solutions to deal with these challenging conversations to be successful in managing staffing issues without falling foul of employment law.   Immerse yourself in a safe environment where you will get hands on experience of how to manage discussions around a range of awkward subjects including personality clashes, discipline, performance and conveying dismissal. Please click below for the presentation from the workshop Complex Cases and Curve Balls 06 11 2019