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Welcome to the Leicestershire Leaders 360° Evaluation Tool

LL 360 is a fully comprehensive peer review evaluation tool that is directly linked to each of the NPQ (National Professional Qualifications) frameworks.

After completing a series of questions that illustrate your own person reflection, you will then invite colleagues, managers and peers to do the same.

This multi-source feedback will:

  • ✓ provide valuable insight into your own leadership qualities
  • ✓ comprehensively analyse the perceptions that others have of your leadership qualities
  • ✓ enable you to understand our strengths and weaknesses in relation to required leadership behaviours

Step 1 To begin your 360° journey, please contact us via the contact form below to request an account.
Step 2 Log in and choose your NPQ assessment framework (e.g. Senior Leader, Middle Leader, etc.) and complete your self-assessment.
Step 3 Invite your colleagues and supervisor(s) to rate you against the same standards via our easy-to-use email invitation system.
Step 4 View your completed 360° report online or download the PDF.

For more information please contact us